Anime I’m Currently Watching

Hello everyone!~

It has been quite a while since my last post, but I just couldn’t decide what to write about. But then it just came to me; anime. As I have stated in my earlier posts, I love watching anime. And if you are looking for anime recommendations; this post is meant for you!

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge (Tanaka-kun is Always Listless)



Sighing, leaning on his elbows, sleepy eyes. Tanaka-kun is a boy who basically doesn’t try but isn’t disliked. This is a laid-back youth comedy about Tanaka-kun and the quiet Oota who can’t leave him alone.

Okay, I started this anime yesterday night (I’m not kidding) and I had to stop myself from binge-watching it. Tanaka-kun is a really relatable lazy dork and you can’t help but fall in love with him and the show. Everything, from the music to the art style, has this calm aura surrounding it, and it fits perfectly with the story. You don’t have to expect some crazy wild story or anything like that. Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge is one of those lay-back shows you watch for no apparent reason, but that’s not really important.




A chance event triggered Shouyou Hinata’s love for volleyball. His club had no members, but somehow persevered and finally made it into its very first and final regular match of middle school, where it was steamrolled by Tobio Kageyama, a superstar player known as “King of the Court.” Vowing revenge, Hinata applied to the Karasuno High School volleyball club… only to come face-to-face with his hated rival, Kageyama!

Everyone has probably already seen this anime, but whatever. I’m not a huge fan of sport anime, everything seems just really pointless and predictable to me. So I never really bothered watching Haikyuu!! But oh man, I was wrong..

I am currently on the second season and the love I feel for these volleyballing dorks keeps growing every day. I can’t tell much about the show, since it’s all about volleyball, volleyball and uh.. volleyball? The games are intense. I even caught myself cursing when one of Karasuno’s spikes got blocked. Oh well

suga baby

I am even going to cosplay this beautiful momma. You can follow my Instagram if you want to be up to date with the progress of my Sugawara cosplay!




The anime’s setting is a fictional Japanese city named Sugomori City. One day, Noriko Sonosaki tells her classmate Katsuhira Agata, “You have been selected to be a Kiznaiver.” The Kizuna System, which allows Katsuhira to share his wounds, connects him to the classmates whose lives and personalities completely differ from his. The Kizuna System is an incomplete system for the implementation of world peace that connects people through wounds. All those who are connected to this system are called Kiznaivers. When one Kiznaiver is wounded, the system divides and transmits the wound among the other Kiznaivers. Sugomori City is built on reclaimed land, but as the years go by, the city’s population is decreasing. The story is set in this town where Katsuhira and the others live.

I started watching this anime, because there was a lot of hype around it. The anime itself seems pretty okay, I like the concept of the whole Kiznaiver System, but I have no idea where they are going with it. I can’t say much about it. That’s pretty much it, I am sorry if you expected a bit more here, but I don’t want to make any wrong assumptions about it.

I really like Nico’s character design though, she is a super adorable cutie pie. And I am really hooked on the OP. I actually started listening to it before I had started watching Kiznaiver. Oops.


Thanks for reading and see you in my next blog post! (・ω ・✿)✧・゚: *✧・゚:*