My Most Treasured Places In Greece

I recently went on a trip to Greece with my class as a part of the graduation program. We visited serveral cultural sights while touring through the country. I definitely learned a lot from this lovely experience and as a memory for later I want to list down my favourite places! If you are travelling to Greece soon, I absolutely recommend going them if you have the chance to!

ESTIA Cafe – Restaurant (Athens)

I usually hate waiters who push a menu in front of your face and try to lure you into their restaurant, but I made an exception for one waiter this vacation. He really made the free time me and my friends had way more fun and interesting. I will surely remember him when I am older, just because he is such a sweetheart. Of course he has to be, otherwise no one will eat at his place, but he felt more genuine. I would like to note that I am from the Netherlands and I speak Dutch. The moment he noticed that he only talked in Dutch to our group. It was adorable. Besides that, it was my birthday and I was obligated to wear a ‘Happy Birthday’ hat the entire day and he wouldn’t stop congratulating me. It was hilarious in my opinion.

Of course, the waiter isn’t the only reason why I put this on my list. The food was delicious and we didn’t have to wait too long before we got it. The price was decent as well, considering we are all poor high schoolers. Link to their website



On our third day we went to Delphi and we stayed for one night in a crappy hotel. The bed was ok and the breakfast was alright, but everything else was terrible. Luckily enough was the scenery amazing and that made everything up for me. While we had some free time to lunch and explore the environment I went strolling around with a good friend of mine. We took lovely pictures of the many stairs and stray cats that are there. We eventually decided to climb all the way up the mountain and I certainly don’t regret this decision. If you ever happen to pass by Delphi, stop for a few hours and just hang around and enjoy the beautiful place it is.


Ancient Corinth

I am pretty sure this place’s only purpose is to exploit tourists, but that doesn’t take away the lovely memory I have made there. I have to be honest, there isn’t much to do except for eating, visiting ruins and buying lots of souvenirs. But still, it is a cute place with old buildings and as a beginner photographer such things are my aesthetic.

We had a bite at a really good restaurant, cheap food and they serve very quickly (!), and after that we went to the local supermarket to buy some fruit. To my surprise was the assortment very limited. I had thought that Greece as a Southern European country would be flooded with exotic fruits such as mango, papaya and pineapple, but it was limited to strawberries and apples. Very delicious also, but I was looking forward to eating fruits that are super expensive back home! Next the group had decided to split up and I went on a souvenirs hunt with a friend. We didn’t have to search long, because there is a souvenirs shop around every corner. Some shops carry quite unique things I haven’t seen in other souvenirshops throughout the country, so I definitely recommend sneaking around and maybe you’ll find something special!

Link to the restaurant


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! If you are going to Greece in a little while; have fun! It really is a beautiful country. As for my blog, I hope to write more things like this in the future, because I love travelling and immersing in unknown cultures. I hope to go on exchange after my graduation, so if you are interested in such things stay tuned! If you want more updates please follow my social media that are listed somewhere on my blog. See you next time \(´∀`●)/★,。・:・゚


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