Some Cute Stores (+ discount code)

I really like shopping online, it gives you some sort of freedom you don’t get while shopping in real life. There is just so much more variety of different styles and brands. And sometimes you will find THE perfect store and you are just hooked on it.

Well, that happened with me and these two stores. Let me introduce them to you:

I have a soft spot for anything cute, especially clothing. And those two stores just happen to sell the cutest stuff for a reasonable price! Hallelujah! But wait, the best part has yet to come; the owners actually gave me a discount code for you to use! If you use “twinkleshiro”, you get 10% off your purchase. It works for both stores, which is even nicer!

I have picked my two favorite items from each store! I like to go in detail about things.

So these two (jacket + sweater) are from Harajuku Fashion. The jacket is by far my favorite piece out of their entire store. And that’s not only because you can order it in various colors, but mostly when you buy it, you don’t have one new jacket, but actually two! It is designed so you can fold it inside out and still wear it. That’s what I really like about it. And the sweater? I can’t really say anything about that, apart from the fact that it looks super cozy and I can see myself wearing this 24/7!


And these are the last two I wanted to show you guys! They both (sweater + puppy) are from Fashion Store. I think it is pretty obvious by now that I love love love sweaters. And that applies to this one as well. I have never been a huge fan of clothig with striped patterns, but somehow it seems to work for this one! I like it! Let’s go to the last item. I honestly didn’t expect them to sell plushies (but they do and they have much more!). I have to admit I don’t really like stuffed animals, because I deem them to be really expensive and useless. But this one has something special:

It has a light inside of it!!! And look how huge it is. Oh my god, my childhood dreams are coming back. I definitely know what I will be asking for Christmas this year.


This was my little introduction of Harajuku Fashion & Fashion Store to you! Don’t forget to use my code “twinkleshiro” if you want to purchase anything. It helps us both out (◠‿◠✿)! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them!

Have a nice day and see you in my next post! (◕ܫ◕✿) ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*


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